Tuesday, June 05, 2007

ജനശക്തി ന്യൂസ്‌: യു എ ഇ യിലും ചുഴലിക്കാറ്റിന്റെ സാധ്യത

ജനശക്തി ന്യൂസ്‌: യു എ ഇ യിലും ചുഴലിക്കാറ്റിന്റെ സാധ്യത


ജനശക്തി ന്യൂസ്‌ said...

Official: Cyclone won't affect UAE

Abu Dhabi: Tropical Cyclone Gonu will not affect the UAE and people need not to panic, a top UAE official said.

"While we urge the UAE Coast Guard personnel, Seaport workers, the Civil Defence, Fishermen and other sea goers to remain vigilant, there is no reason to panic as the UAE will not be affected by the cyclone", said Dr. Mohammad Saeed Al Kindi, Minister of Environment and Water.

Quoting reports from the UAE's Metrological office, Al Kindi said some considerable amount of cloud, driven by active winds, may cause rains on highlands in the Eastern and Northern parts of the UAE.

"On the basis of the information provided by the Central Operations Centre of the UAE Coast Guards, heavy rainfall and strong winds might prevail.


ജനശക്തി ന്യൂസ്‌ said...

Cyclone Gonu weakening

Cyclone Gonu smashed into the coast of Oman in the early hours of Wednesday morning, knocking out power lines and cutting off the eastern region of the country.